One-Eighty covid-19 response plan

One-Eighty is dedicated to the restoration of our city through 180º turns towards

thriving physically, emotionally, & spiritually.


One-Eighty’s Response Plan to COVID-19


One-Eighty is following the guidelines of our state and canceling our programs that gather people together, and instead will be providing essential services through virtual platforms and individual contacts. Will you help us?


The Coronavirus may or may not directly affect the families we serve, but for sure, the financial crisis will negatively impact those who were already struggling to make ends meet. And as the government, city and school districts temporarily close, the families we serve will be in greater need. Already, we are receiving reports of families being triggered and addictions resurfacing.


In times of crisis HOPE is essential, relationships are essential, and we are ready to deliver. Our plan is as follows: our team will be doing student/family check-ups for every recipient of our services. We will be contacting students by phone, virtual platforms and delivering tangible resources as needed (while keeping the appropriate distance). We will also be mentoring, cultivating deeper friendships, and providing mental health and substance abuse counseling over the internet. Lastly, we will be hosting insta-gram challenges, coloring contests, and finding creative on-line outlets to interact with students, offering daily prizes!


We will need your help.


While our team is actively engaging students and families, physical needs will be revealed. We are currently collecting $50 or $25 gift cards to Food-4-Less, Smart & Final, Buy-4-less, Walmart AND collecting care packages of non-expired items such as: canned vegetable/fruit, canned or dry beans, white rice, peanut butter, jelly, crackers, pasta & marinara sauce, mac-n-cheese, cleaning supplies, soap, toilet paper and new (unused) puzzles/games/coloring books/crayons. (You may also make financial contributions at


Once received your gift will be delivered to a family in need, who is engaged in an on-going mentoring relationship with One-Eighty. We will continue to keep our staff in action, serving the population as neighbors and friends (making phone calls, deliveries, and offering counsel, HOPE & prayer).


Yesterday a news anchor said, “in the face of a pandemic people often stop being neighbors, they stop checking in on each other or seeking to offer help.” However, history suggests, that in the face of terrible illnesses (such as plagues) a group of people who called themselves Christians took it upon themselves to care for the ill; and in those locations the death rates were less severe. The tangible measures taken and the gift of Hope made a tremendous difference.


Will you join us?


If you’re able to provide gift cards or items for care packages (as described above), One-Eighty will be collecting those items Monday-Friday, from 12:00pm-4:00pm. You may also call 209-339-2308 to schedule a different time or ask questions (& check our website for updates).


Thank you for your continued partnership on behalf of the most vulnerable,


—Alison and Jake McGregor

One-Eighty Executive Director & One-Eighty Community Development Director


* please note that any deliveries made to homes, will made by staff members who voluntarily do so, after watching safety videos prescribed by local physicians; their health is a priority.

Thank you for wanting to invest in the community. We have our Operations Manager contact you for more details.