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Throughout this time of pandemic, One-Eighty has tried different methods of reaching out to the students and families in our programs. We’ve delivered care packages, made socially distant home visits, called and text students, and sent old fashioned cards in the mail to our students.

We, like you, were hoping that when the school year started, students would be going back to school for a normal day. That just isn’t the case this year. School for the first quarter is going to be online and distance learning.

For most of our city, families have the means to find child care, have quality internet, and the supplies and resources for their kids to get through the first quarter of school. However, for some families, this just isn’t possible and we’ve received panicked messages from parents asking what they can do.

We brainstormed, and the idea we have is to create Distance Learning Centers. We hope to open up space at The One-Eighty, Horizon Church—Lodi Campus, and two classrooms at First Baptist Church to host 8-10 students everyday to help facilitate their distance learning. Students that attend will be expected to bring their school ChromeBooks and to do their best to participate in class.

If you are a interested in hosting a distance learning center site, our comprehensive plan is available to you free of charge. This is not about One-Eighty, it’s about our kids, parents, and teachers! Just download it from the link below- we only ask that you change the logo to and information accordingly for your organization. If you would like further information or help setting up, please contact us!



Contact: 209.339.2308

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