distance learning volunteer


The purpose of a Distance Learning Center is to provide students in the community with a safe and supportive environment while they attend their online classes. We all agree that being in school is the best way for students to learn, and while that is not possible right now, we hope that a Distance Learning Center can create a similar environment.

*All volunteer meetings will be on Zoom and should last about 30 minutes. You only need to attend one training.

*We anticipate the Distance Learning Centers to be open 8am-Noon, Monday through Friday.  This may change as more information is released in the coming weeks.

*Volunteers will be required to complete a background check here

Please Provide Days You Are Avalible To Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering! Somebody from One-Eighty will be in contact with you shortly!

If you are a interested in hosting a distance learning center site, our comprehensive plan is available to you free of charge. This is not about One-Eighty, it’s about our kids, parents, and teachers! Just download it from the link below- we only ask that you change the logo to and information accordingly for your organization. If you would like further information or help setting up, please contact us!