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Need Help Now?

(Suicidal Ideas, Grief support, depression, anxiety)

This page is not intended for emergency situations.  If you believe you are experiencing a mental health or medical emergency, please call 911 (or your local medical emergency number) or seek immediate care from the nearest hospital emergency room. *If you are having suicidal thoughts, or considering suicide, please call 9-8-8. Visit for more information and additional support.

In times of personal crisis, it's essential to know that you are not alone. We're here to help.

To begin help, please call (209) 339-1616,

or fill out the form below.

* Your request is very important to us, but it may take us a few days to schedule your request. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call the Crisis Hotline 9-8-8. 

Our team is equipped to guide you or a loved one through suicidal thoughts, grief, depression, anxiety, and so much more. 

Support for my business

Sometimes a crisis can happen at work. After a traumatic event, it's important to know that you and your staff can navigate what has happened. Please fill out the form if you would like our post-trauma response team to meet with you.

Reaching out is the first step to a breakthrough!

We offer services from:

  • Licensed Therapists

  • Addictions Specialists

  • Parenting Resources

  • Personal Mentoring

  • Local, Experienced Pastors

We offer our services to the individual and the whole family.

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