In small ways or in big ways, we strive to support youth and families thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  


It’s helped me go through a lot of emotional and some tough moments. It’s given me a place to come to whenever I feel I like I have to talk to someone. It’s like a safe haven, you know. It gives me a place to come to. It helped me get a job, so that’s pretty cool. it’s taught me a lot about life. It’s taught me that you need people to support you and to help you get through life. It’s a cool place.


So the reason I liked going here when I first came was because I could finally make new friends. when I started coming it was the perfect moment for me to make new friends and have a good life and everything else.


The social aspect because you can make good and many friends. Specifically, it’s a good environment. It’s safe too. The staff are good to get along with and they’re there for you when you need it most. The staff are there to talk about stuff that is stressing you out or your personal life, some of the staff members can relate to it. Coming here bring good moments.


I’ve seen a lot of impact here in the kids that come here and one of them was me. I was a huge pot head when I first came here. The [Horizon Lodi] youth group that meets here helped me to figure out who I was.  I don’t need drugs to find happiness. I’m really happy. A lot of kids come here to find help for their problems because it’s a really good place.

Teen ready to throw a snowball


The impact I’ve seen is more personal but it pertains to me and my friends. When we first started coming here we were going down the wrong path, but as we’ve talked to other people that came to the 180 and talking to the staff it’s kind of turned us around. Now we aren’t going down the wrong path, we’re going toward success and living a good life

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