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Many of us enjoy the holidays and look forward to spending time with our friends and family.  However, that isn’t the reality for many families in our community.  This year, we would like to start something new.


One-Eighty’s Merry Market was born from a community of staff members, donors, and community partners who want to come alongside some of our One-Eighty families and bless them with a special and memorable Christmas.  


This is where you come in.  So many of you have been faithful and generous donors to us and to our families and we want to partner together to bless our community.  We are needing gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Food4Less/Rancho San Miguel to give to these families.  We will give these gift cards to parents of families so that they can: 

  • pick out items of their own children for their children will get,  

  • take those gifts home and wrap them, 

  • give their children gifts and a fun holiday experience,

  • celebrate Christmas together as a family.


On December 12, the families we have identified and who have gone through our application process will be invited to One-Eighty for a community dinner.  The purpose of this is for parents to know that there is a whole community that love, support and bless them.  Not only will they be invited to this meal, but we will give the parents of these families the gift cards that you provide. 


Together we can support and and celebrate the Christmas season with families within our community.


Your donation will help bless one of our families this Christmas!

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