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Real Hope Conference

Real Hope exists to provide tools and support for families, teachers, peers, or anyone with a front row seat to the current mental health crisis facing tweens and teens.

Presented by One-Eighty Programs Counseling & Resources.  Hosted by First Baptist Church of Lodi.

Event Details:
April 9th, 2022 @ First Baptist Church of Lodi

Timeline of event:

   8:30  Registration

   9:00  Plenary: Mental Health Initial Response

10:30  Workshops

11:30  Lunch / Resource Booths

12:30  Plenary: Mental Health & Faith, when to refer

   1:45  Workshops

   2:45  Plenary: Putting it all together, Q&A Panel

   4:30  Conclusion

$10 per person

$15 for a couple

*includes lunch and snacks


Workshops (Each Participant Chose Two):

Each will be offered at 10:30 and 1:45 unless noted

Depression & Suicide Ideation 


Speakers: Michele Silva, One-Eighty Counseling & Resources Clinical Director / Counselor &  Cassie Lowe, LMFT and  Program Director for the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council

Description: In this session we will be discussing some of the warning signs and symptoms associated with depression in young people. We will share practical tips on how to communicate with and provide support to someone who is exhibiting depressive symptoms.  Additionally, we will discuss how to identify possible warning signs of suicidality, and steps to take to help someone.  A representative from CAPC will share information they provide to students in the schools so they are better equipped to connect at risk peers with appropriate resources.

Eating Disorders

Speakers: Mindi Rold, Lead High School Teacher and Coach & Alyssa Smith, One-Eighty Counseling & Resources Counselor

Description: Mindi will be presenting on eating disorders: types, causes, biggest myths, treatment, and how to support one who is struggling.  Eating disorders often go misdiagnosed, yet are one of the leading causes of death of all mental health illnesses which does not discriminate against sex, race, or age. 

Anxiety, Trauma & PTSD 

Speakers: Kevin Brown, LMFT and One-Eighty Counseling & Resources Counselor and Supervisor, Angela Anderson, LMFT and One-Eighty Counseling & Resources Supervisor & Joe Williams, One-Eighty Counselor

Description: In this session Kevin will be discussing mental health, which he calls brain health, as well as the warning signs and symptoms associated with our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. He will be sharing some practical tips and tools for personal help, in addition to ideas of ways to help others. Sometimes in the faith community, mental health becomes a stigma. Kevin hopes to help break that stigma while bringing clarity, understanding, and hope regarding mental health. Additionally, you will hear from a survivor of a 2016 suicide attempt and how she has managed her depression and anxiety, and has found hope to not make the same choice again. 

Identity Development 

Speakers: Laura Frederick, Professor at William Jessup and Simpson University, LMFT & Alison McGregor, LMFT,  One- Eighty Co-Executive Director / Counselor and Supervisor

Description: Join college professor and counselor, Laura Frederick, as she teaches us about Gen Z, normal stages of adolescent development and how the past 2 years are impacting their identity formation. She will offer strategies on how to engage with youth to provide opportunities for growth and deeper connection within themselves, their peers and adults.

Social Media & Teens 

Speakers: LaTriesha Burns, One-Eighty Counselor & Christa Pera, One-Eighty Counselor

Description: Positive & Negative traits of social media & mental health. What to look for in your student concerning negative mental health? How to establish healthy boundaries with social media & screen time.


10:30 Workshop only:

Cultivating Trust with your Teen  

Speakers: Dr. Ron Hitchcock-, Author and Counselor & Carmen Carl, One-Eighty Counselor

Description: Nurture and trust are close companions. Parents must learn to keep nurture relevant as their

child transitions between each developmental stage. Trust is both learned and earned as

child and parent work together in growing a trusting and trustworthy relationship. Nurture and

trust are essential characteristics of forming healthy relationships and self-image.


1:45 Workshop only:

Psychiatry, Biological

Speakers: Dr. John Yarbrough, MD &  Carmen Carl, One-Eighty Counselor

Description: define mental health and psychiatry, biological benefit, when is appropriate, when to refer, how to help kids compliant with meds…whom to go to for help.


angela anderson.jpg

Angela Anderson, lmft

 one-eighty counseling & resources supervisor

Hi, I’m Angela Anderson. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Art Therapist.  I have been providing counseling since 2008 with children, teens, adults, seniors, couples and families struggling with a wide variety of issues.  I especially have a heart for individuals who have experienced trauma and desire to help them grow from being a victim to survivor to thriver - living fully and abundantly. I earned my Master’s degree from Notre Dame de Namur in Marriage and Family Therapy with a concentration in Art Therapy. I have also been trained in EMDR. 

I also currently serve as a Clinical Supervisor for 180 Counseling & Resources.

Kevin Brown.jpeg

 Kevin Brown, LMFT

 One-Eighty Counseling & Resources Counselor and Supervisor

Kevin Brown is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor of The One Eighty Counseling and Resources, and has been in pastoral church ministry for 28 years. He received his Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy degree from Western Seminary.  In addition, he holds a School Counseling credential from National University, and is a Certified Brain Health Coach from Amen Clinics. Kevin has 28 years of experience working in private practice with teenagers, adults, couples, and families with anxiety, depression, suicidality, past trauma, addictive behavior, and faith issues. While getting his Bachelors Degree in Psychology at CSUS, Kevin worked at the school's child development center, a group home for emotionally disturbed adolescents, and volunteered for Suicide Prevention and Child Protective Services. Kevin has been trained in EMDR, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Kevin is passionate about brain health, and exploring why we think, feel, and act the way we do. He is authentic and transparent when he speaks about his own personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidality. He loves the phrase, “It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way.”


 LaTriesha Burns

 One-Eighty Counselor

With more than 14 years of experience as a professional School Counselor, LaTreisha brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of working with children and teens in the K-12 setting. She earned both her B.A.(Journalism) and M.S.,PPS (School Counseling) at California State University, Long Beach.  Currently, LaTreisha works at the One-Eighty as both a counselor and a Trainer/Facilitator for Why Try, a resilience program for youth. Her passion includes advocating for and helping students to reach their full potential. When she’s not working with youth, LaTreisha enjoys spending time with her family and making as many trips to the beach as possible.


 Carmen Carl

 One-Eighty Counselor

My name is Carmen Carl, and I am an associate professional clinical counselor in the Galt Joint Unified High School District. I am a full-time school counselor, and I am the Galt Site Coordinator. My role in the community consists of providing ongoing counseling services on campus for students, crisis intervention and management, assisting with parent workshops, and supporting our Spanish Parent Project class. As the Galt Site Coordinator, I help facilitate and coordinate services throughout the three high school campuses in Galt Joint Unified High School District. This is our first year providing mental health services in Galt, and our work is beginning to address the growing mental health need in the adolescent population that resides in this rural and culturally diverse community. It has been a privilege to serve this community, and I look forward to working within this community for years to come.


 Laura Frederick, LMFT

Professor at William Jessup and Simpson University

Laura Frederick is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private counseling practice in Roseville, California. She has launched a community counseling center and teaches psychology courses for several universities. Laura became passionate about the topic of "Identity Development" while working with hundreds of adolescents and parents over the course of fifteen years. Raising three teenagers made her especially interested in the complex challenges faced by Generation Z.


Dr. Ron Hitchcock

 Author and Counselor

Dr. Ron Hitchcock received an MDiv from The Kings Seminary and a DMin through Asbury Theological Seminary, Ron has thirty-five years of pastoral experience. The last twenty-five years serving local churches as a Marriage & Family Life Pastor. He has authored Parenting Your Child Into Adulthood: Forming Lifelong Friendship with Adult Children and The Journey to Oneness: Enriching, Reviewing, and Reconciling

Premarital and Marriage Relationships.

Cassie Lowe.png

Cassie LowE, LMFT

 Program Director for the

San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention CounciL

Cassie Lowe is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and also the Program Director for the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council. She has been providing clinical treatment to children and teens for nearly 10 years. In her work as the Program Director, she oversees the Suicide Prevention program at the CAPC that has been providing regular suicide prevention and awareness training to students and staff at various high schools throughout San Joaquin County since 2015.


Alison mcgregor, LMFT

 One- Eighty Co-Executive Director / Counselor and supervisor

I have been a counselor with One-Eighty for 14 years, worked in most of the LUSD Middle & High Schools, and alongside the LUSD administration, Police Chiefs, City Council members and the local faith community. I have a passion for youth and helping them navigate the tricky waters of adolescence and succeed!

Christa Para Staff Picture_edited.jpg

Christa Pera

 One-Eighty Counselor

Christa Pera received her B.A. in psychology and is working to complete a M.A. in Marriage, Family Therapy this summer. She currently serves the students and staff at Joe Serna Jr. Charter by providing counseling services on campus. Additionally Christa co-leads the Parent Project for caregivers looking for guidance with strong willed adolescents.


Mindi Rold

 Lead High School Teacher and Coach

Mindi Rold is bringing her own personal experience and knowledge battling her own eating disorder for over 10 years beginning at the age of 9.  Through her countless years of counseling and treatment centers, she discovered the traditional method of treatment is not successful. She developed a passion for education and mentoring other females through her own recovery. Mindi has a BA in Communications and a teaching credential through National University. She is currently working towards becoming an eating disorder coach. She has been a high school and lead teacher for Visions in Education for the last 20+ years. She presides in Galt with her husband of 22 years, Mike, and her 3 teens, Colton, Mason, and Nevaeh.

Michele Silva.jpeg

Michele Silva

 One-Eighty Counseling & Resources Clinical Director / Counselor 

Michele Silva is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and also Clinical Co-Director of The One Eighty Counseling and Resources.  She received her Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree from Western Seminary.  She currently works with adolescents at Liberty high school in Lodi and sees both adolescent and adult clients at The One Eighty Counseling and Resources Center.


Alyssa Smith

  One-Eighty Counselor 

Hello, my name is Alyssa Smith. I am a Mental Health Therapist/School Counselor for 180 Counseling & Resources. My professional counseling career consists of providing couple, family, group, and individual counseling services for all ages utilizing various therapeutic interventions (i.e., play therapy, sand tray,journaling, art therapy, emotional management, cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused therapy, crisis assessment/intervention, etc.). Since joining 180 Counseling & Resources, my clientele is still versatile, however, my primary focus is providing counseling services to high-school students. My expertise is in developing treatment plans and implementing a ray of treatment interventions for those who have different behavior and learning diagnosis (ASD, ODD, OCD, ADHD, Social Emotional Disorder, Unspecified Learning Disorder, and other behavioral and mood disorders) as well as providing behavioral support services to the client’s circle of support (i.e., family, guardians, teachers, etc.). My ultimate dream in life is to make a positive difference in this world.

Joe's Picture.jpg

 Joe Williams

 One-Eighty Counselor 

Bio Coming Soon


Dr. John Yarbrough, MD

Dr. Yarbrough is board-certified in Adult and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. He received his Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biochemistry at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, his Doctor of Medicine at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and holds a Master’s Degree in both Business Administration and Divinity. Dr. Yarbrough completed his residency at the West Virginia University School of Medicine and served as a Fellow/Chief Fellow in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry.

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