The person whose name appears on this contract is responsible for all broken, damaged, or missing Teen Center property.   

The One-Eighty staff are not responsible to clean The One-Eighty Teen Center. It must be re turned to its original condition after the event.  If not found in its original condition, we will issue a cleaning fee from the deposit.  (We will provide a cleaning checklist upon rental.)   

All regular teen center rules apply to private parties or special group events.



  1. Adults must be accompanied by a minor. 

  2. No disrespect of One-Eighty staff, property, or programs. 

  3. Clean up after yourself.

  4. No fighting or violence.  

  5. No bullying or verbal abuse.  

  6. No profanity or inappropriate language.  

  7. No inappropriate attire. 

  8. No PDA (Public Display of Affection). This applies to anything beyond holding hands or hugging.  

  9. No alcohol, drugs, or corresponding paraphernalia. 

  10. No weapons of any kind (knives, lighters, spiked bracelets, etc).  

  11. No sexually immoral paraphernalia (pornography, condoms, etc.). You may not watch any of this or any violent behavior on our computers.

  12. The One-Eighty Café, any office spaces, and the sound booth are off-limits unless accompanied by a staff member.  All video and sound equipment are to be operated by staff only.   

  13. You are responsible to maintain the behavior of your guests in regards to our facility and neighboring homes and businesses. 

  14. Your event must align with the One-Eighty’s purpose statement listed above. The staff reserves the right to end any activity that is contrary.  

  15. All event conduct must be edifying and positive, music must be clean and respectful, any movies shown must be PG or G, and no candles can be burned in the facility (birthday candles are the exception). 

  16. One-Eighty staff working your event will solely run teen center equipment. It is not his or her job to clean up after your party. That is your responsibility.

  17. One-Eighty staff reserve the right to refuse service. 


One-Eighty Teen Center Usage:  $250.00  
This is the flat rate for a usage of 3 hours or less and includes 2 staff for the duration.  Any additional time needed for your event will fall under the staff fee.  


Non-Refundable Deposit: $50.00  
This cleaning and equipment deposit, which may be needed for any additionally cleaning or missing/damaged property.  Your deposit will be processed and available one week after the event.  

Staff:  $16.5 per Hour/Staff  
We calculate staff time from set-up to the completion of teardown.  The size of your group and type of activities will determine the amount of staff needed.  One staff person is required for every 30 attendees.    


Additional options are available for your event:
Live Music: $20/Hour
We charge $20 per hour to have a sound technician at your event. This professional can run any sound or live music during the course of your event. 

*NEW Climbing Wall: $25/Hour depending on climbing wall instructor availability.


As a service to One-Eighty benefactors, non-profit organizations, and other community-friendly businesses, you may negotiate these prices if needed. Please call and speak to our director regarding this matter. 


The One-Eighty Teen Center has its liability insurance under the umbrella of the First Baptist Church of Lodi.  This insurance covers the normal activities of the Teen Center that fall under the programs that are planned and conducted by the One-Eighty staff.  Any group that uses the teen center facility for any private party or activities must sign a contract and also present proof of insurance.  Any party or organization that does not have its own insurance must sign this “hold-harmless” clause.  This clause indicates that the party using the teen center under a signed contract will not hold the teen center responsible for any harm, injury, or death that may happen at the teen center while the contracted party is using the center. The contracted party agrees to tell all participants of their activity that the teen center will not be held responsible and use of the teen center is strictly at their own risk.   


The One-Eighty Teen Center and the contracted user may cancel this contract.  If the event is a single day event, the teen center requires at least a 48 hours notice.

If you can abide by the following rules, please click here to return to the Usage Inquiry.