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too good
for drugs

"Too Good for Drugs Grade 6 builds a foundation for drug-free living through a fun-filled, interactive journey of understanding and managing risk to better predict the outcomes of their actions and be better prepared to take to the open road of life.

Sixth graders learn to weigh the positive and negative consequences of their choices as they examine how their emotions influence their goals and decisions. They learn effective communication skills that prepare them to share feelings and ideas with others, refuse negative peer pressure assertively, and enhance cooperation to build stronger social bonds.

Students picture themselves in the driver’s seat of their dream cars and learn that, like their dream cars, their bodies require care and the right fuels to keep them running smoothly for a lifetime. Lessons map out the negative effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on the developing brain and body.

Home Workouts and cross-curricular activities follow each lesson so students can practice and apply the concepts developed in each lesson at home and with their peers.

-Too Good for Drugs, Grade 6 Curriculum 

Get Too Good for Drugs on your campus!

One-Eighty Programs is currently in partnership with Lodi Unified School District through the San Joaquin County Office of Education to provide Too Good for Drugs to 6th graders on select elementary school campuses. If you would like to inquire about Too Good for Drugs being on your campus, please contact our Counseling and Resources office for more information. Thank you!

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