Dedicated to the restoration of our city through 180° turns towards thriving physically, emotionally, & spiritually.



One-Eighty Youth Programs began in an effort to answer the cry of many Lodi teens: “There is nothing to do in this city!” Two Lodi youth pastors, Glen Barnes and Steve Steele, saw that the task of building a teen center was too monstrous to tackle alone. They asked their friends and Father in Heaven for help, and things began to happen. The team found a 5,300 square-foot warehouse in the perfect location—bordering both the east and west sides of Lodi. Thanks to the generosity of a very benevolent individual, they were able to lease the building for $1 a year.  Dozens of individuals and businesses caught the dream to help the teens of Lodi, and donated $280,000 in cash and in-kind gifts to start the center. United way awarded One-Eighty Youth Programs a two-year initiation grant of $130,000. Again and again, the leaders saw people give products, money, and volunteer hours. By May 2002, The One-Eighty Teen Center was ready to open with an 8,000 square-foot professional skate park, live music venue, and café. 


Today, One-Eighty Youth Programs has expanded beyond the walls of the teen center to answer the deeper needs of Lodi’s at-risk youth:

  • Next door to the teen center is the Dan Brown House for Adolescent and Family Counseling. It is the only adolescent-focused counseling center in the area.

  • Every junior high and high school in Lodi (and a few in neighboring Stockton) are reached with an evidence-based gang-prevention and life-skills program.

  • In the spring of 2013, the team launched a new outreach called Mobile One-Eighty. The mobile home is equipped with its own café, mini-skate shop, and Internet lounge. Out of this vehicle, mentors build relationships with teens at a local skate park (which the city desperately wanted some help with).

  • Winter 2014, bilingual One-Eighty Youth Programs workers moved into at-risk areas of Lodi, living among the families we serve, in order to better assess the need and enact programming with neighbors instead of strangers.

Through the years, one thing has remained the same: One-Eighty Youth Programs remains committed to showing an emerging generation what it means to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually.