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what is community?

The team focuses on the most vulnerable, crime-laden areas of Lodi, and physically moves in. Integrating into the communities enables One-Eighty Community to assess the needs of the families and youth of the communities. We strive to empower Lodi families and youth to make one-eighty degree turns toward a positive future. Supporting the community in this unique way is made possible through partnerships with General Mills, local faith-based organizations, local and national partners, Locust Street Apartments, Lodi Police Department, and the Lodi Unified School District



The heartbeat behind One-Eighty Community is our Homework Clubs.  This is where all of the resources we provide (Intentional Neighboring, school partnerships, church partnerships, community partners, and supporters) come together to support elementary students in our community.  Our Homework Clubs started in our Hale Intentional Neighbor Apartment and have since expanded to three different locations working with over 100 students every week.  These Clubs would not be possible without the incredible volunteers who give up their time every week to be present with these students.

Our Homework Clubs are designed to help students with their homework and to provide enrichment activities after school.  These enrichment activities vary from running clubs, book clubs, dance classes, sports activities, art activities, and more.  Our Homework Club locations are at Hale Park, Horizon Community Church in Lodi, and Woodbridge Elementary School.


Tuesdays and Thursdays || 2:15PM to 5PM​


Tuesdays and Thursdays || 2:30PM to 5PM​


Mondays and Wednesdays || 2:30PM to 5PM


What is Intentional Neighboring?
When you think about the #1 thing that bonds a neighborhood, much more a city together, it is a common, vested interest in the same outcome. We think of ourselves as agitators of this trait. If we are able to see where a neighborhood is currently bonded and united, we can join them and build them up. It all starts with relationships and being intentional. Our main focus is the Heritage District of Lodi. We love this neighborhood and are deeply committed to seeing this high crime, hurting neighborhood restored. Do you feel the same way about your neighborhood? We'd love to walk alongside you! Let us know!

Check out our Intentional Neighbor Homes!


Hale Park


Locust Street


Flora Street


Hilborn Street



One of the ways we stay active in our community is by being present and volunteering on different school campuses.  On our three partner school campuses (Lawrence Elementary, Heritage Elementary, and Woodbridge Elementary) we provide our Noon League Sports Tournaments.  These tournaments are designed to last for one quarter and provide opportunities for any student who wants to get involved on a sports team.  These sports tournaments have provided other avenues for our staff to get involved on campus.  We’ve partnered with administrations to help with Book Fairs, Back To School Nights and Fall Festivals.  We’ve been able to encourage teachers with Teacher Appreciation lunches and breakfasts.  Through our counseling center, we are able to be on multiple elementary school sites in Lodi, providing drug awareness and goal setting resiliency training. We love our local schools!


Community Team

Liz Current_edited.jpg

Liz Stevahn

As the O.G. Intentional Neighbor, Liz is the backbone to the Community Team being on track and pressing into community development. Liz leads our After School Programs, is an Intentional Neighbor, and leads team support initiatives.


Carole Skelton

As one of our Intentional Neighbors on Flora, Carole is the ideal example of a full-time working person still maintaining an intentional presence in her neighborhood on our team. Carole is invested in the development of our local elementary school leading Noon-League Sports


Katie Stanley

Deeply engaged in investing in the Heritage Neighborhood, Katie knows almost every kid by name. Katie is an intentional neighbor, a regular presence on Heritage Elementary School campus, a teacher in her neighborhood's preschool, involved in our after-school programs, and also the Children's Director at Horizon Church (a corner church in the Heritage Neighborhood).


Jake & Alison McGregor

Jake and Aly, as our executive directors, have their boots on the ground just as much as the rest of us. With their varied roles with 180 Programs and Counseling & Resources, our team can address community needs from both mental health and practical needs. 


Amanda & Hanset Aragon

Drawn to the potential impact on the neighborhood, Amanda and Hanset moved to the Heritage District as Intentional Neighbors. With their hands in Community/Neighborhood development, life coaching on our school campuses, and running after school programs, the Aragons are dedicated to the change they know is possible.


Cameron & tawney Davis

Moving into the Heritage District as Intentional Neighbors in 2020, Cameron and Tawney are deeply motivated to see their neighborhood restored. Cameron and Tawney invest heavily in their neighborhood elementary school and preschool. With roles on campuses and within The One-Eighty, they are committed to seeing impact transform Lodi.


The Kepner Family

Rooted in Lodi's neighboring town of Woodbridge, the Kepner Family has taken deeply to investing in their neighborhood and in their elementary school. Laura plays an integral role in running The One-Eighty's Homework Club after school and teaching reading intervention on campus. Like the rest of the team the Kepner Family believes that when families lean in and invest in to their local schools and neighbors, transformation happens!

Upcoming Events

  • Woodbridge Elementary Homework Club
    Woodbridge Elementary Homework Club
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Woodbridge Elementary School
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Woodbridge Elementary School, 1290 Lilac St, Lodi, CA 95242, USA
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Woodbridge Elementary School, 1290 Lilac St, Lodi, CA 95242, USA
    Join us Tuesday & Thursday afternoons from 2:30-5:00p!!
  • Hale Park Homework Club
    Hale Park Homework Club
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Hale Park Lodi CA
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Hale Park Lodi CA
    Tuesdays & Thursdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Hale Park Lodi CA
    Join us Tuesday & Thursday afternoons from 2:30-5:00p!!
  • Horizon Homework Club
    Horizon Homework Club
    Mondays & Wednesdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Horizon Community Church
    Mondays & Wednesdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Horizon Community Church, 415 S Garfield St, Lodi, CA 95240, USA
    Mondays & Wednesdays - 2:30-5:00p
    Horizon Community Church, 415 S Garfield St, Lodi, CA 95240, USA
    Join us Monday & Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-5:00p!!
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