It has been our observation over the years that the most powerful way to form transformative relationships is through shared experience. We are taking that shared experience to the next level. Taking kids outside their normal environment to see a world that's bigger than the one they know. 

Why Adventures



An adventurous spirit and a passion for young people. Kenny is the Adventures Director and strives to instill a passion for living in young people. 

One Day Adventures

One-Eighty “One-Day Adventures” are exciting day trips designed to get youth and young adults out of Lodi and into a bigger world. Places like Yosemite National Park & the North Coast, and experiences like rock climbing, kayaking, and tide pooling can be expected on these days. The cost is kept to a minimum, and the experiences are geared toward kids of all skill levels.

Wilderness Treks

The One-Eighty Wilderness Treks takes things to the “next level.” These multi-day adventures are designed to develop life and leadership skills for young people who are ready to accept the challenge, test their limits, and overcome obstacles. We will put on our backpacks and head into God’s wild places. We will work together to build trust, self-awareness, goal setting, communication, and productive life-skills. We won’t be the same when we get home.  

* The Wilderness Experience isn’t limited to One-Eighty’s program. Contact us if you are interested in a customized experience for your group.

Mission Support Treks

One-Eighty is a missions endeavor. This means that in order for us to provide transformative programs like One-Eighty Adventures, we need your support. The Support Trek is an opportunity for you to contribute to the transformation of young lives, and to gain the powerful perspective that comes with time spent in the wild.The net results of the Mission Support Treks will be to provide opportunities for countless at-risk young people to have the experience of a lifetime and to broaden their vision beyond their circumstances.

Upcoming Events

Thu, Jun 04
Location is TBD
Adventure Trek 1
Join us for our first Adventure Trip! Enjoy camping out, sitting around the fire, and learning how to survive in the great outdoors!
Thu, Apr 23
Location is TBD
Mt. Shasta Summit Trip
Climb to the top of Mt. Shasta!
Sun, Mar 15
Location is TBD
Spring Break 2020 Road Trip!!!
Take a trip to the north coast to see the world's largest and oldest trees, take in the beauty of the pacific ocean, and have fun camping out!
Mon, Jul 13
Location is TBD
Santa Cruz Beach Bash
Join us for 4 days and 3 nights of fun at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk!!
Tue, Jul 21
South Shore Lake Camanche Marina
One Eighty Community Boat Day
Have some fun out on the boat at Lake Camanche!
Tue, Oct 13
Location is TBD
Adventure Trek 3
The highest level trek that we offer! This is an epic time out in the wilderness, learning how to adapt and survive!
Time is TBD
Location is TBD
2020 Rose Gala
Come and enjoy a wonderful Friday night with us and learn what The One Eighty is all about!


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