COUNSELINg & Resoures

Individual & Family

Teens and families can receive individual and family counseling with caring professionals who specialize in adolescent and family development. The goals of therapy include identifying the problem, providing relief through understanding, education, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a creation of steps towards resolution. 

Cost: $80/hour
Contact: Counseling & Resources Administrator Katherine Harper
Phone: (209) 339-1616
Scholarships and sliding scale opportunities available

CA VICTIM Compensation

The California Victim Compensation Program offers mental health services through Counseling & Resources for individuals who are victims of a crime, suffered emotional injuries as a result of witnessing a violent crime, or are directly affected by a crime. A police report must have documented the crime, and requested VCP services through Counseling & Resources must be within  one year of the criminal incident. Please contact One-Eighty's Counseling & Resources program for more information regarding the VCP application and qualifications.

Cost: Free with VCP application acceptance.
Contact: Counseling & Resources Administrator Katherine Harper  
Phone: (209) 339-1616


One-Eighty is an adaptation of the evidenced-based WhyTry LLC program. The program focuses on teaching middle and high school students how to overcome their individual challenges in a group setting. Facilitators see positive outcomes in issues of truancy, behavior management, decision-making, academics, and emotional regulation (with the use of DBT techniques). These groups run between 12-15 weeks in select junior high and high schools around Lodi and Stockton. Each group is tailor-made to meet the expressed needs on campus. (Examples include anger management, substance abuse, gang prevention, low academic achievement, cutting, depression, eating disorders, and anxiety.) 

Cost: Free, if recommended by school or One-Eighty staff. Contact: Your student’s school counselor.

We develop our fees on a sliding scale based on your income. Scholarships are available. Call or email for more information.