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February 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

Hey One-Eighty Family!

These past two months, we’ve been working on several exciting projects. We’ve shared with you that in recent years, One-Eighty has received an influx of inquiries about our organization, specifically from individuals and groups looking to learn from our work so that they can create similar movements in their own communities. Some of these groups want to start teen centers, others are looking to form partnerships with their local schools, still others see potential impact in their struggling neighborhoods through intentional neighboring. We’ve had inquiries from Sacramento, Stockton and Manteca, from Washington and Georgia… we’ve even fielded questions and offered advice to folks from as far away as Tanzania.... (Click the PDF below to see all that we are up to!)

Click the link below to read our February 2024 Newsletter! If you would like to support One-Eighty Programs, or join our mailing list, please click the links below.

With Love,

The One-Eighty Programs Staff

One-Eighty February 2024
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