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Wilderness Expeditions

The One-Eighty Wilderness Expeditioins takes things to the “next level.” These multi-day, backcountry adventures are designed to develop life and leadership skills for young people ready to accept challenges, test their limits, and overcome obstacles. We will put on our backpacks and head into God’s wild places. We will build trust, self-awareness, goal-setting, communication, and productive life skills. We won’t be the same when we get home.  *The Wilderness Experience isn’t limited to One-Eighty’s program. Contact us if you are interested in a customized experience for your group.

Sorry, Our Staff is currently out finding the next great Spot for your One-day trek!

Stay Tuned!!

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“This program is funded by the Outdoor Equity Grant Program, created through AB209 and administered by California State Parks, Office of Grants and Local Services.”

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