Dedicated to the restoration of our city through 180 degree turns towards thriving physically, emotionally & spiritually.

Lodi Youth Make 180 Changes

Executive Director Alison McGregor shares about the One-Eighty, our mission, and our impact on youth and the community.


"When we first started coming here we were going down the wrong path, but as we’ve talked to other people that came to the 180 and talking to the staff it’s kind of turned us around. Now we aren’t going down the wrong path, we’re going toward success and living a good life." - Alex

Group picture of teens and staff in front of Christmas trees

At-risk youth aren't without hope


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A Valuable Local Resource

We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of the community, its youth, and its families. Everything from counseling, job training, skill development, a safe environment, a scooter shop, even hiking and camping trips to get away from the city and explore nature. Utilize us for you and your family today.

Teens eating pizza and particpating in the Job Readiness Program